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Shipping Policy


As long as the shipment destination is within Israel the shipment will be made to the address you supplied to us within 2-4 working days, from the day a valid, executable and confirmed order by your Credit Providers was received. I f the shipment destination is outside Israel then check in the Site or at our Customers Service center the shipping schedules per your address.


Any order that was accepted after 14:00 shall be deemed for shipping purposes as received on the day after.


The shipping fees are 50 ILS, unless it was expressly   appeared in the order that the item cost including these fees.


The shipping will be made within Israel and to the following countries:


You agree that we can provide our shipments contractors with your personal details and the list of your purchased items.


If the shipment is not carried out at the schedule stated in the site's Shipping Policy, your only remedy will be a 0.5% refund of the order sum for each day of delay up to 15% of the cost of the order, after which you will be entitled to cancel the order and be refunded. Insofar as we have notified you of a possible delay in delivery and have allowed us to make the delivery in delay, you will not be entitled to the said refund until the new delivery date has elapsed as long as the shipment has not been made.


If the Item size or weight are odd or the shipment is unusual in any other way, then we may ask for an additional payment for the shipment.


If we found out at any stage that we cannot make the shipment as promised in standard commercial efforts then unless another solution was reached by the parties, we can cancel the order and your sole remedy will be the return of the payments you made to us for the item and its shipment.


Delivery times are as specified in our Shipping Policy. The time-to-delivery will start as soon as we receive final confirmation of the charge from your Credit Provider.


For accomplishing the delivery, we may require your presence at the delivery address while delivering the shipment to you and a display of an ID or a credit card and a confirmation of payment as relevant.


The import of those products may impose legal responsibilities and obligations upon you. If you order Items to be imported to your residency area, then by that order you agree that you are responsible to make sure (1) that the Item can lawfully enter the destination country; and (2) that you comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. When you receive an international shipment of imported items, you may be required to pay import taxes, customs duties and/or fees. If there are any additional charges for those taxes, duties or fees, or for customs clearance then you are responsible to pay them. We are not responsible for the amount or timing of any taxes, duties or fees. You should make proper inquiries regarding the importation of the items. Furthermore, if upon Israel laws, we cannot import to you or to your residency we can at any time or stage may cancel the purchase, if that cancelation is due to inaccurate information you supply us, we may charge you with our expenses regarding that cancellation.


Upon delivery it is your duty to check if there is any discrepancy between the content of the delivery and your order, or whether one of the Items was damaged. I such a case you have to contact us within 24 hours from receiving the Items, and we shall coordinate with you a refund or re- shipping of the missing Items.


Return Policy



If delivery address is within Israel or you are an Israeli resident then the provisions of the Consumer protection law, 1981 will prevail.


You may cancel the order within 14 days from receipt of the item only due to a material defect that was discovered in the Item.


In the event that you canceled the order according to your right according to the law and in accordance with these conditions, we will refund the purchase sum against the return of the items intact and according to our instructions. Refund of the sum will be done as much as possible through the Credit Provider in which the payment was made to us

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